Your Training Log Needs A Reboot

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

Get in touch with your Ben Franklin

While I love many aspects of technology and our digital world, I marvel at the cryptic and boarderline illegible paper notes and whiteboards I have encounter over the last couple of years. Paleolithic cave paintings are easier on the eyes! We have gone so digital that even the smartest of us have forgotten how to use a pen and paper. (Yes, I do get that this is an electronic transaction. My bad.)

I believe the hand to eye connection needs a reboot and with that I propose a 2019 objective of using pen and paper for your training diary.

Never lacking for an opinion, I like the FIELD NOTES 56 WEEK PLANNER. As a four page spread, you can see an entire week. Monday - Friday has a 4.25" x 2.25" space for your workout. Saturday and Sunday are half that size.

Not enough space you say? Experience be damned, if your workouts require more than that amount of space you are not working correctly and your programming is subject to criticism.

Your daily challenge should be something you look at one time and then execute! That includes any strength template, conditioning approach or CrossFit. If you have to refer constantly to any written prescription on a piece of paper, computer screen, or whiteboard it is out of skew.

The FIELD NOTES PLANNER sells for $15.00 US dollars and I receive absolute nothing for sharing their link.

Happy New Year.

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