I was attending a social several years ago for one of my favorite authors and health icons. He was in town to speak the following day. He was always out in front of the crowd in terms of content, product development and was a legitimate athlete in his day.

As we stood there small talking and chatting about the weather he tossed out a question I have often ask people since.

He ask me if I had a mulligan (do overs) on three sport, health or lifestyle related practices (behaviors) what would they be.

He caught me flat footed and told him I would have to get back with him on the answers. He then delivered his three. We discussed them briefly and moved on to the merits of muscle mass and antiaging.

I sent him a text the next Monday with my answers which went like this.

FIGHTING MY MOTHER OVER PIANO LESSONS. Try as she did, my mother wanted three piano players. My brothers and I fought tooth and nail at avoiding piano. We would literally run like hell when we knew piano lessons loomed. Today I really enjoy music and wish I would have relented when I had the changes to lay a foundation. It could have lead to playing another instrument. When I watch musicians and artist I am always reminded of the missed opportunity. I had a brief attempt at a redo in 1982 with little success.

JUDO SPORT. With three boys in elementary school and a husband in and out of hospitals my mother struggled with our excess of energy. To prevent another wall from falling or a human limb from breaking our mother enrolled us in JUDO. We went when it was not football season. We met other young people and it became a positive social experience. We developed discipline, respect and honor. We learned to win and to loose. To compete. No participation trophies or sliced oranges at halftime. The best person prevailed. We moved West and no JUDO was available. I should have looked it up when I returned to a larger city but did not.

DRINKING ALCOHOL. I was so churchy in high school. It was May of my senior year that I had my first beer. It was following the State track meet and it was just okay. It was with that experience that the vail of purity was removed. I've been a social drinker off and on ever since and have extended periods without any alcohol. Even though my DNA studies have shown I have a positive response to alcohol and I've never had a liver enzyme out of place, what purpose has it served me really. Socially I probably move from undesirable to tolerable on the scale. BFD.

I would be interested in your three 'do overs'. What do you regret? Lets discuss the performance and health items. Sound off !

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