You Should Take Two Weeks Off...Then Quit

Updated: Feb 22, 2018

Last week while working with an athlete I used what is termed a ‘coachism’.

A Coachism is a saying or expression a coach might use in a coaching moment to emphasis their judgement or feelings regarding an event or performance. (This could be related or unrelated to the event or the performance .) It could also be that they are having a bad day or think they are entertaining.

That athlete referred to me as ‘blunt’ and went on to say that every Coach they have had while playing sports growing up was blunt and usually cliche. I suppose there are worse things. As a result of the experience it triggered memories for me as an athlete and as Coach.

I sat down and attempted to recall some of the Coachisms from my past. Some of them I still use. In fact, some I have use too frequently.

Honestly, many of these are straight up insults. I will give authorship where it is due, and also my interpretation. Feel free to square the record if I missed it somewhere.

WARNING, If you are easily offended then you can stop reading about now.

  1. Two legs are stronger than one back . Strength and Conditioning Coach Tom Cross Use your legs and hips folks to pick up something big. Lifting weight with your back alone is a specialty.

  2. Never been a squat too deep or a girl too pretty. Tom Cross. Get your arse in the grass.

  3. Take the violence off the street and bring it into this weight room. Tom Cross coached weightlifters. Occasionally there is a lack of explosiveness when lifting. Gotta get mean!

  4. Looks like Tarzan plays like Jane I'm not sure who gets the credit here but this one has received a lot of airplay and the visual is terrific.

  5. Don’t have $100.00 shoes and a $0.10 squat - Strength & Conditioning Legend Louie Simmons. Your 65 lb thruster is not BEAST mode. Please spare us.

  6. You are never as good as they say but you’re never as bad either - My defensive coordinator Ron Cordini. I think it was good then, but it really applies to so many things in life. Maintain an even strain.

  7. Rub a little dirt on it. Thanks Dad. I am certain this is a hand-me-down. He got it from someone who coached him. Used it on us when we decided to be dramatic about an injury or illness.

  8. Walk it off . Dad again Only applied if we could actually walk after the mishap.

  9. He’ll be okay, he just got his bell rung - After ANYONE took a hard shot to the head at football practice. It is part of the problem for football currently : ( .

  10. Don’t step on him, you might turn your ankle - Another football coach. When a football player was knocked out on the practice field. Thanks Mr. Sensitive.

  11. You are either going to attract more dates with that haircut, or you just eliminated the few you already have- Greg Newell. He was my football Coach for four years of high school football. At the time I thought my haircut was actually pretty good.

  12. If it’s important do it every day. If it’s NOT important don’t do it at all- Dan John Strength and Conditioning Coach. Such an accurate assessment of prioritizing the conditioning approach. Can also apply to other lifestyle practices.

  13. What’s the best thing for fat loss? Don’t get fat in the first place -Art DeVany. Author, coach and truth teller. It's so much easier this way.

  14. Keep your head on a swivel and hit someone- Wake Forest O-line coach. He coached a friend of mine. You can apply this to many daily challenges. If you approach life aggressively you will be head of 90% of the crowd.

  15. You’re running like you have an anvil stuck up your ass. IDK.

  16. That boy is slower than smoke off a pile of shit -Bear Bryant. The BEAR assessing the lack of foot speed from one of his players. Can you name the university he coached at prior to taking the same position at Alabama?

  17. Somewhere in China there is a 4th grade warming up with your max- A Weightlifting coach from my past. The message? There is always someone better than you so keep working!

  18. That looks like a man trying to kill a snake in a phone booth.- I have played Golf off and on since I was 10 years old. This was an old school instructor and his assessment of my swing. The truth hurts sometimes.

  19. You should take two weeks off ….and then quit - Probably my favorite. We need to understand when it's just better to hang it up.

  20. Check your footgear (shoes) - The first day of basketball practice for a John Wooden coached team consisted of a lesson in how your socks and shoes should function. That was it. If your feet fail you, you might not be able to practice or play and that will hurt the team. The Wizard of Westwood skipped no detail.

  21. U look good u feel good,u feel good u play good,u play good they pay good,they pay good u live good . Credit to Deion Sanders !

  22. Son, you could break a cast iron skillet in a sandbox . I must have broken a number of things in my youth.

  23. Baseball is 90 percent mental, and the other half is physical - Yogi Berra Coach Berra Obviously Yogi did not study mathematics.

  24. Money talks and bullshit walks ~ Talk, bragging and other claims amongst teammates and opponents is typical in athletic events. If you can't back it up you probably should say it. Spare yourself the embarrassment.

  25. It's not over until it's over. - Actually this blog post is over. I hope you enjoyed one or two of these. Remember, coachism stay alive with your help. Spread one or two.

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