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I have been busy of late ( a good thing) and as a result I have fallen behind in updating this page.

Today I thought I would share some of my responses to questions I have received from all of you.

1. "I liked the APRE post and program but it seems like it is lacking volume. How do you add more work (volume) to an exercise?"

My preferred way is to take the load at 100% ,or the third set, and reduce the number of reps performed by two and perform two more sets. Most individuals can hold that third set load for an additional two sets without failure.

Somewhat related to question number one...

2. "I'm 50 and APRE looks good but failing on reps is something I wish to avoid. Any suggestions on managing that 3 and 4 sets?"

Completely agree and understand. You can simply stop your set when you reach the desired reps (3,6 or 10) and stay with that load for an additional set of 6 on the four set. Intensity and volume are sticky issues for those of us 50 years of age and older.

3. "Do you practice any type of fasting?"

I will periodically practice a 16:8 fasting. This type of intermittent fast last 16 hours with eating for 8 hours. I'll have coffee, heavy cream or a coconut creamer instead of breakfast. I will also fast for 36 hours once or twice a year. I think this provides the necessary amount of rest and recuperation for the body. I think anything above and beyond this for a healthy individual constitutes an eating disorder. Additionally, I enjoy food and eating. It's all about the balance folks. Please, try to stay normal.

4. How many days do you strength train and do cardio and what does your program look like?

I'm not preparing for any weightlifting competitions so currently my program looks like this:

Monday: Back Squat | Bench Press | Pull ups | Dips

Tuesday: HIT Intervals on one or all of the following: TrueForm Treadmill, Concept 2 RowErg, Concept 2 SkiErg, or Concept 2 BikeErg

Wednesday: Barbell Deadlift | EMOM Power Cleans or Power Snatch | Push ups

Thursday: 20-30 Minutes AT Threshold on equipment mentioned above

Friday: Standing Press | Split Squat | Horizontal or DB Row

Saturday: REST or something <70%

Sunday: Long Ruck, or Dog Walk <70%

Primary movements are typically 5's,3's or 1's. Supportive movements 3-5 sets 8-10 reps.

5. Do you have a morning routine? If so what do you do in the first 30 minutes?

I love this topic and I am always interested in what people do in their first hour of the day. Ninety-nine out of one hundred days it will be:

1. Measure my Heart Rate Variability (HRV) (5:00 session with what I am calling meditation).

2. Make the bed.

2. Drink a large cup of coffee from the brew that is waiting for me.

3. Leash up the dog and walk for 10-15 minutes. (Averages around 12 minutes. Even in sub zero temps).

My routine could improve rising earlier and adding a journaling session but I believe my sleep trumps that journaling experience.

*If you have questions or topics you would like to see in this spot please send it through the contact page.

*The 2018 remote training slots stand at two. I will work with two more individuals this year.

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