You Aren't A NAVY SEAL..So Why Are You Training Like That?

I was 100% on vacation last week. It was awesome! It also gave me an opportunity to pondered things. Which typically leads to ranting, raving and rambling. Sit back ,watch me ramble.

OBESITY COULD BANKRUPT THIS NATION: When I drive to destinations I want to get there ASAP. I would rather suffer a little, roll empty (fasted) and reach the ultimate destination than enjoy the comforts of five star dining. This means I seek refuge in your standard fast food establishments. As I scanned the cluster of patrons on what would be my third and final stop, I was discouraged at the lack of physicality on display.

The most discouraging aspect were the children and teens. Their gender was barely recognizable. They have morphed into some sort of round faced nothingness. Yes, the food options there are generally horrible but that is only half of the story.

We are clearly failing as a nation to combat this issue. IMAO, obesity will bankrupt us in short order. We are all paying for this problem but it's not improving. I am not suggesting that I have the answers but it is troubling.

WEARABLES: The wearable world is here to stay. Most all the information spit out of the wearable world is based on heart rate. The heart rate during sleep, rest, work and working out. Formulas or algorithms are created to interrupt this data. I like the data but the technology has a number of accuracy concerns.

Optical heart rate sensors (wrist or upper arm) use a methodology called photoplethysmography (PPG) to measure heart rate. PPG is a technical term for shining light into the skin and measuring the amount of light that is scattered by blood flow. The challenge is with accuracy. The accuracy is lacking. In checking a number of FACEBOOK groups and related offerings I confirmed a number of concerns related to the accuracy of such measures.

I have tried a number of brands and options. While I like the idea, the only accurate measurements are with chest straps in direct contact with the chest and in proximity to the heart.

YOU ARE NOT A NAVY SEAL: I have had the honor of knowing a few members of our elite military. I have attempted to scale a 14,000 foot peak with former member of the ARMY RANGERS. I have met some NAVY SEALS and consulted with one of their members.

I would categorize these individuals as professional athletes. Their performance and lives are based on peak physical performance. Their workouts are necessary to insure their survival and success of their mission. These workouts at time are savage and beyond the scope of most individuals.

It has become trendy to align civilian workouts with NAVY SEALS. Drink what SEALS drink, sleep like SEALS sleep, and train like SEALS train.

Civilians don’t have to train like these athletes and honestly we don’t typically have the genetics the environment or lifestyles to support it. Civilians have a different set of demands.

I see how it is sexy to align yourself with the elite of the world but your training should be appropriate to your abilities and your support environment. If you try to train like this you will ultimately fail or become injured. You’re not a NAVY SEAL so why are your attempting to train like them?

If you read this as an assault on CROSSFIT methodology it is not. What I am saying is seek an appropriate level of physical training.

HRV: AN OBJECTIVE MEASURE OF STRESS | RECOVER If you are not objectively measuring your stress|wellness with Heart Rate Variability (HRV) I can not take you seriously. This is the best noninvasive health indicator available. It was rather expensive 15 years ago, somewhat expensive in 2012, but even less so today. Try FREE.

TIME RESTRICTED EATING I like the time restricted eating (TRE) over the keto diet. The studies are promising and the pain is fair less.

If you have metabolic issues then explore the keto route. Regardless of health, it is also a good idea to go without food for 3-5 days one to two times per year. This book has a good approach to determining your ability to metabolize carbohydrates. Do this before you flush the MINUTE RICE.

SLEEP HARDER For various reasons I probably lost a decade of health based on sleep habits. I can for the first time in my life say that I operate optimally on 8-9 hours of sleep. I don’t know why it has taken this long but I’m comfortable with going to sleep knowing that I’ll have been asleep for eight hours. I would encourage everyone to fix this piece of their life first. Quit fitness in the morning if necessary. As sad as it sounds, I’ve helped others with it before I helped myself.

LEARNING TO SIT IN ICE WATER: It cost $200 online to learn how to sit in ice water and hyperventilate. Really? I love America.

GARAGE GYMS: I closed my garage gym in 2011. Coincidentally, that was the same year I moved. Last fall I purged a few lawn and garden items, churched up the drywall and painted it orange. I ordered a few new items and presto GARAGE GYM 2.0 I can workout solo. I have never needed someone to yell “GET SOME” during my workout and I like to listen to my music at 80 decibels.

With GARAGE GYM 1.0, only a few equipment suppliers existed. With GARAGE GYM 2.0 everyone is selling gear. The options are limitless and the equipment is awesome. My garage gym is better equipped than my CROSSFIT gym a dozen years ago.

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