Two Lesser Known Organic Measures of Health, Fitness and Effective Programs

Updated: Oct 5, 2017

Typically, folks begin exercise programs with a purpose.  Improving fitness, decreasing weight or looking better in their underwear.   Feeling better is almost always on the list but this is difficult to measure.  

I'm a numbers guy.  I like objective information. I want to hold a yardstick up to whatever.  Moving more kilograms, increasing the distance on a row test or improvements with an efficiency assessment.  These changes carry weight! 

The issue with measuring reps, times and distances is with skill acquisition.  Any tester must be honest.  A percentage of these improvements are attributed to an improvement in skill from the testee.  

As a result, I am increasingly becoming a bigger fan of Heart Rate Variability (HRV). Heart Rate Variability is typically used to help monitor training response such as pushing more (overreaching) or pulling back to avoid overtraining syndrome.  Daily fluctuations, of RED LIGHT stop or GREEN LIGHT go account for the majority of users.  

We also know that positive HRV trend lines over weeks and months reveal much in terms of organic change.  Positive trends typically are an indication of improved health and fitness while negative trends expose illness, poor adaptation, or weak programs. 

Within the POLAR BEAT APP is a fitness test.  All that is required is the APP and a Bluetooth chest strap with the transmitter.  Taken under controlled situations, this fitness test will reveal improved cardiovascular efficiency and health-no skill required.


Both of these are simple easy to organic measures of fitness improvement that eliminate tester bias and skill acquisition.

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