The Power Of Ritual

I have a tendency to use quotes quite often. One that I use frequently goes as follows. "You make your habits OR your habits will make you" Replacing less desirable habits with better habits overtime is a time tested and proven method of improving almost any individuals. Building a list of daily rituals creates order, practices and in my opinion a better existence. Here are some daily practices that for me are now so ingrained in my world. -Typically waking before my alarm(s)

-Recording a daily HRV (recovery score)

-Make the bed

-Walking 10 minutes with my dogs

-Drinking coffee

-Client sessions or client planning and interactions.

-Daily workout


-Evening meal preparation

-Evening reading or DVR scanning or viewing

-Walking 10 minutes with my dogs

-Prepare coffee for the morning

-Retire for the evening to ensure 8.25 hours of sleep

Ordering allows for flexibility but 99% of the time it will follow this particular order.

I function better physically and mentally with rituals and you will too.

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