The Hammer Lunge

A decade ago I introduced the dumbbell to the growing world of CrossFit. Dumbbells have gained (or regained) traction. I see them used in a number of ways including THE CROSSFIT GAMES.

The hammer lunge was an article I shared in 2006. In that piece I introduced the front, side and overhead hammer variations.

Recently I started using heavier loads with the overhead variation and included not one but two dumbbells. This is more demanding on shoulder mobility, respiration and local muscular endurance.

Here is a brief sampling of how I worked this into a conditioning mix for the day.

For Time:

150 Wallball Shots (20lbs/14lbs) *

*Perform 10 DB Overhead Hammer Lunges (35lbs/20lbs) on all stops, drops, misses or pauses of any variety.

If you are interest in the original piece: Three Variations of Dumbbell Lunges

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