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The Evil Wheel - You're Doing It Wrong

One of my favorite anterior chain movements is the rollout with a $5.00 Ab Wheel. The challenge is in execution for the novice trainee.

If the challenge is too great (distance of travel) stability and tension is lost and the hips come back before the wheel. The integrity of the movement is lost and the lumbar is exposed towards injury.

Bad Form ! The hips and the wheel move in concert

I support a progression in terms of distance of travel so that the trainee learns to move the hips and the wheel at the same time.

1. Find a wall or stack of plates. This becomes the far end point of the movement.

2. From a kneeling position, grab the wheel handles and arch the back and contract the abdominals.

3. Start with a short movement out to the barrier and return.

4. Slowly, inches at a time, move away from the barrier.

5. Continue moving away from the barrier until the appropriate amount of challenge is discovered. If integrity of the movement is compromised ,usually when the hips lead the movement back to the start, move towards the barrier again until quality returns.

The ultimate Pipehitter version is a rollout from the standing position. Good luck!