The Ball & Chain

I apologize for my absence. I started two different continuing education projects in March. Those two courses, the addition of new training clients and a splash of lazy are to blame.

I have a workout suggestion for you today inspired by one of those new clients. While he has a home gym to die for, he has been having difficulty getting in that fancy gym. He works from home moving money (trading) from early until late. I have known only a few individuals that spend the whole day on a telephone. He works two mobile lines and a landline. It's nutty.

I needed a workout solution for this guy. I needed to blend his work with a workout. I have already mentioned the telephone habit but this man also moves around as he talks. He is walking a fare amount while moving dollars around. His FITBIT usually registers in the 5000-8000 step range and these are days inside his home with nothing more than walking out onto a patio.

I had listen to Joe De Sena founder of the SPARTAN RACE on a podcast many months ago. He came up with a solution for the days when career and life barely leave room for bathroom breaks.

His solution was forehead slapping simple.

Assuming you have a dumbbell or a kettlebell, your workout assignment is to pick up this weight and for the rest of the day you carry it (move it) everywhere you go. You can put it down but if you move to another location in your office or get in the car to make a call you bring it along. In a pinch you could MacGyver a sandbag or an old hang bag into an annoying 'ball and chain' apparatus.

You can make up your own rules but the more you move it around the more work you will obviously be doing.

My lifestyle allows for gym time but I have performed finisher of 1.5 miles walks and a 50 pound dumbbell. Annoying AF...but effective.

I will also mention that I worked up to the 50 over time. Don't be seduced into grabbing something you can swing for 20 reps. It will be too heavy. You will likely miss the dinner bell staying out there that long. One other point. Don't attempt to walk large dogs while carrying the bell. If they see another dog or some kind of wildlife it's a real pain.

And my new client? He hates it. Could not do it more than a few times before giving it up. You win some and you loose some.

Anyone on board for the whole day routine? Let me know how it goes.

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