Rock Star Parking

When I drive to the market I just aim for the outside parking slots. These slots are generally reserved for the employees or for days when demand is high and shoppers are left with little else. If you check the slots near the front of the store it is the exact opposite.

Like Hawks circling their prey, shoppers slow, break, and stop for ridiculous minutes all in the name of scoring parking AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE to the front door. This prime spot is also known as ROCK STAR PARKING.

Getting a spot so close is a grocery store lottery win. But here is the rub. It is too easy on us. Hard to find yes, but once you do it you have fallen victim to another efficiency trap.

When we park ROCK STAR it's just too easy. When we keep making it easier it can become problematic

That brings us to todays lesson. Our lives have become so easy, SO EFFICIENT that we barely move. You name it and there is probably an automation step to make it easier.

Longevity experts believe that we sit so much that even an hour of gym time will not offset the negative effects of sitting on our collective asses.

The FITNESS industry can thank automation for making our lives so efficient. Now instead of doing meaningful labor we walk 6 feet to our climate controlled FUV's, tune into our SPOTIFY and drive to get in a WOD.

We have gone from farming land with livestock and crops to race you to the bench press. We have regressed from hiking, marching and outdoor play to step counting.

Instead of looking for more automation, more efficiency traps seek out ways to make things a little harder, a little more difficult or daily routine of Inefficiency practice.

Walk, hike, bike whenever you can. Mow your grass with a reel mower. Run the sweeper in your own house. (If you know where the cleaning people left it) and walk your dog more.

Create uphill challenges and more inefficiency and your health and fitness will benefit.

Want to hear it a different way? I have said before.

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