Revisting The Sandbag

In 2005 I proposed a one mile sandbag carry challenge for time to the budding CrossFit world.

This sandbag mile was 50% of bodyweight for one mile in 15:00 minutes. Pretty quick considering! Once this target was obtained, weight was added to the bag incrementally.

My canvas bag (sandbag) was obtained at the local ARMY SURPLUS store. A gusseted opening and plenty of nothing special. Take some playground sand throw it in tie off the top and go to work.

This was before AMAZON and the plethora of online fitness equipment suppliers. Fast forward a decade and the Sandbag has been upgraded considerably.

Modern day bags have handles and sometimes packing cubes to incrementally increase loading options. The best part in my view relates to contents. We now have rubber playground mulch to load the bags making the leaky sandy mess a piece of history.

I recently returned to working with a bag. Call me soft, but having a modern bag with handles, a convenient way of tying off the opening and rubber much is a game changer.

Sandbag work bring the 'suck factor' to the forefront. Old School strength athletes refer to this as odd object training and occasionally you will hear the strongman types staking claim.

You can perform any of the seven primal movement patterns and then some. Bend, squat, lunge, twist, push, pull and gait. It is the gait or carry piece that makes sandbag work really suck. It's the proverbial monkey on your back! Sandbag get ups are another favorite move I love to hate.

If ask me to help you build out your gym, sandbags would be part of your first order. Trust me when I say it will become your new love/hate training tool.


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