Putting Out A Fire

Updated: Jun 6, 2018

Let food Be Thy Medicine and Thy Medicine Be Thy Food

In 2014 I left a Weightlifting session with a right knee feeling a little less than normal. Of all things, I was showing another athlete the couch stretch and I dove into the flexed position too aggressively. I quickly went to the ice routine and took off some time. It felt better quickly but like most of us I rushed the agenda so that I could return to training. Do as I say not as I do ?

I thought I was doing everything right but it never felt that good and some days it just hurt. I sought treatment, took a cortisone injection a time or two but was really just in denial and continued to blame old age or forgetting my neoprene sleeves.

So earlier this year I was having coffee with a former client, friend and conveniently an orthopedic surgeon. He scheduled my first MRI ever and the results showed issues in several areas.

At this point most orthopedic guys want to do what they are trained to do which is to operate and heal with some steel!

My guy was different. While he confirmed that I clearly have some issues, the worst of which was damage to the medial aspect of my femur, he thought a less aggressive training routine (no loaded squats or deadlifts for 6 months ) and some homespun anti inflammatories would give my old bones a chance to heal.

I was in 100% ...Except the no squat and deadlift thing. Still hate it.

With his help, I looked into some foods and micro nutrients that have been known to assist in reduce inflammation. Contrary to popular belief, some inflammation is a necessary part of exercise and training but too much makes us uncomfortable and sick.

Here is the list I have been ingesting religiously since February.


Collagen protein has become the darling for the supplement world. Almost every manufacture has a collagen product. I had used a number of different brands before my diagnosis stirring it into my morning coffee. My fingernails grow faster and my winter dry skin no longer exists. If you do not like the idea of a powder you drink good old fashion bone broth will deliver a serving or two.


Mine bone broth is not high brow. My bone broth is not the end product of cattle massaged daily by monks in an incense filled room. I buy it at COSTCO for pennies on the dollar. I find it handy on days when I want to semi fast through for a late lunch or dinner.


Matcha Tea is green tea on steroids. Much more concentrated in terms of micro nutrients. My drink also included powdered MCT oil (no I'm not ketogenic)

FISH OIL (Omega 3)

I take this either individually or with another product which I will discuss in a moment. Fish Oil has been a regular part of my routine for a decade.


Mostly in a GREENS powder or some in a capsule form. I will caution you on just taking these thinking you are covering deficiencies in blanket form. You might be creating more problem. Water soluble vitamins are generally safe but doing blood work with a savvy physician is your best bet.


Curcumin is a bright yellow chemical produced by some plants. It is the principal curcuminoid of turmeric, a member of the ginger family, Zingiberaceae. This is another supplement that has burst onto the scene. The issue with Curcumin lies in our bodies ability to absorb it. It is typically paired with black pepper (piper nigrum). Black pepper runs interference for curcumin blunting liver function so that your body can absorb it. I have found a product that uses a liposomal (a spherical vesicle having at least one lipid bilayer) ginger oil and DHA. I am hesitant to tout a product too much but I think this has been the most signficant addition to my routine.

I'm also getting more sleep, some intermittent fasting (IF) and as mentioned previously less heavy lifting.

If you have orthopedic issues please do not read this to be the prescription for your problem. Go see a doctor!

I also realize my study of '1' is full of design flaws. I would be reticent to parade my brief experience in front of a panel of scholars and medical professionals but one thing is undeniable. I am getting better (healthier) placebo or not. I have better range of motion, less pain and I move better including some running (cough..cough)

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