Progressing The HBLC

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

Confirm that there is a straight line from the knee passing through the anterior pelvis finishing at the chin

Today we take a peek at the posterior move, Hip Bridge Leg Curl (HBLC) on the Sorinex Glute Ham Roller (GHR) and how this move can be progressed.

The guidance is similar to using THE EVIL WHEEL in that the hips and the wheels move in concert.

1. Find a wall or stack of plates. This becomes the termination point for the movement.

2. With the roller at the termination point confirm that the trainee can perform a solid hip bridge with a parked roller. There should be a straight line drawn from the flexed knee through the anterior side of the pelvis then chest and finishing at the chin.

4. Slowly, and inches at a time, move away from the termination point (barrier)

5. Continue moving away from the barrier until the appropriate amount of challenge is discovered. An immature movement will be demonstrated when the hips fall and/or when the roller races back ahead of the hips lowering. If this is observed move closer to the termination point and shorten the range of the exercise.

PROTIP: As the legs near full extension keep the derriere only an inch above the deck. This will ensure that tension is maintained and maximize the ROI of the stimulus.

You can also perform HBLC with ValSlides, a Swiss Ball, LIFELINE Power Wheel or a slick surface and some dirty laundry.

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