Move The Pile 02/06/19

Measure out approximately 10 meters and stack 6 plates one on top of another. Pick up the top plate and carry it across the chest to the other end of the 10 meter course. Place it on the ground. You can walk, jog or run with the plate. Return back to the pile and repeat until all the plates have been moved. Once all the plates have been moved perform pull ups, push ups and air squats.


AMRAP in 20:00

25 kilo plates

10 Pull ups

15 Push Ups

25 Air Squats


AMRAP in 20:00

20 kilo plates

5 Pull ups

10 Push Ups

15 Air Squats


AMRAP in 20:00

20 male | 15 female kilo plates

5 Pull ups*

7 Push ups*

9 Air Squats*

*Modify movements as needed

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