Moderating Is More Impressive Than Abstaining

Updated: Dec 6, 2017

We have Thanksgiving in the rearview mirror and only 19 days remain until the Christmas celebration. Statistics reveal that average Joe gains 7-10 pounds during this period of time. More socializing, more food and yes- adult beverages.

The fitness industry has a typical response to all this. When the Holidays say push, fitness will pull !

The Fitness world tells clients to abstain from all the booze and bad food. Maybe workout more! The Fitness world supports transformation during the most social period of the year. Have them partake in a 30 day challenge.

Trust me, I was part of it.

This paradigm of right verse wrong, black verse white fails to consider a third option. The third option is the grey area. The third option is moderation.

To be effective at moderating, it is important to understand the difference between abstaining and moderating.

This lady encourages us to recognize our tendencies towards being abstainers or moderators. There are things we simply are unable to have without going whole hog off the rails. For lots of people it is sweets. For other folks it could be alcoholic beverages.

We are typically a mix of abstainer or moderator. The key is in the honest evaluation and recognition. To HONESTLY know our tendencies. Moderators can say "no" or "no, thank you" or can stop.

Moderation is more impressive than abstaining as it demonstrates control over emotion, impulse and demonstrates CONTROL.

Give up carbs, give up beer, give up chocolate, give up alcohol, give up ________ (fill in the blank)

I know a guy who can smoke a package of cigarettes while drinking and listening to music on a Saturday night. To some of you this must sound ridiculous. He does this a total of two -three times per year! So, he can 100% moderate his behavior with those less than stellar lifestyle practices.

Will twice per year practice like this shorten his lifespan? While its not a practice the Surgeon General would endorse, I doubt it will alter his health span or his lifespan,

MOST of the food items we consider 'BAD' are rarely bad in moderation and it's potentially more stressful to label them as such.

In my case, I can walk past a refrigerator of IPA BEER for months, but if I have sweet nut butters in the pantry I will eat the entire jar in three days. Same goes for full flavored ice cream (sorry HALOTOP you are a second place looser) and Peanut M&Ms. This is why I say -Make your home a fortress against things you can not moderate. Lock them out.

My point is this. I am all in favor of your 'New Year' pledge of sobriety or transformation, but if you can honestly moderate and all other healthy habits are in check you should enjoy this season like no other. No need to feel ugly because the fitness industry gives you an ultimatum of bad verse good. You have a third option.

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