Maintenance Is Not A Dirty Word

The Masses Are In A Steep Decline

Assuming you are an athlete in training there are words, phrases and sentences you likely use to describe your efforts towards advancement and progress.

You use sentences or phrases that punctuate your objective. I am working towards:

“One more rep on my pull-ups”

“A 500 pound deadlift”

“One more mile this Saturday”

“One second better on my time trial”

The Japanese word for improvement is Kaizen.The work Kaizen is an approach to creating continuous improvement based on the idea that small, ongoing positive changes can reap major improvements.

As a Coach, I like data and targets because without them training sometimes become monotonous. Realistically this inevitability crashes into the side of a mountain with frustration.

There is a word rarely uttered in training halls and gyms and that word is maintenance.

This word leaves a dirty taste in a high achievers mouth. It is a lateral move. While I understand the angst this generates, today I urge you to look at it from a different perspective.

In spite of the military physical culture of suck it up, beat your face against the wall, you don't want it enough. Maintaining is winning against the house odds.

The chart in the header is a common age verse health profile. As the masses tack on more years, general health begins to diminish. Physiologically, father time robs us of the qualities of our younger selves. Hormones, muscle quality, tissue quality, and nervous system efficiency aren’t what they once were. There are statistical outliners. Congratulations. Throw a party for yourself.

For a moment think about it a different way.

If you stay uninjured and consistent even IF you are not adding more weight to the bar, even if you aren’t adding another pull-up and even if your 2k row times are not improving you are ahead of the curve of health and fitness decline. Because if you are not healthy you are probably not exercising that much.

The masses are in a steep decline. You are not! Regardless of your desire to tack on another kilo, or row a faster time you are winning the war against the health and longevity decline. Yes, you are going sideways (maintaining) but that is a win.

Maintenance is not a dirty word. Focus on what you can do. Stop focusing on what you can not do.

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