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The evening prior to retiring each day I perform a daily review. This would be a review of unfinished tasks and top priorities for the next day. I set the start of my week as Monday so I perform a weekly review of the upcoming weeks events, priorities and anything associated.

I learned that whatever it is you are trying to do or 'get done' will fail horribly if you do not have a time (project) management system. Keeping a list in your head won't work. You only have so much random access memory (RAM). You will wake up in the middle of the night, miss flights and appointments and will resemble Jackson Pollock on a bender.

The note book and system I use is my own. It is a 'hybrid' combination of The Franklin Planner method, Stephen Covey and David Allen of GTD fame. Regardless of where you are currently you can improve your efficiency and reduce your stress with a system.

I recently started including one additional step with my weekly review. I borrowed this step from Performance Coach Brian Cain.

During my weekly review I take inventory on what behaviors and practices I need to START, STOP and CONTINUE. Dr. Cain refers to this as SSC.

Here are a few examples:

START: To jumpstart my awakening process, I will take a cold shower each morning."

STOP: I am watching too much television. I need to limit my daily consumption to 60 minutes total so that I can devote time to intellectual pursuits."

CONTINUE: " I have been doing a good job of ingesting 20 grams of collagen protein within the first hour of awakening each day. My joints appreciate this."

This can be a simple analog system you write in a journal or for the more tech savvy, use a word document . This will be even more effective if you share this with someone. Share with your coach, training partners or the stranger on the bus.

I have found SSC it to be a solid addition to my personal practice and I think you will too.

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