Get Healthier By Training Low

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

Training Low Could Improve Your Performance and Your Health

I have deployed a number of specific training strategies in preparation for a Grand Canyon Rim2Rim2Rim attempt.

One includes a nutritional practice commonly referred to as carbohydrate periodization. My particular application is to train in a mild to moderate fasted state and without carbohydrate supplementation. This is also known as 'training low'. Once or twice per week, I wake up down nothing more than a cup of black coffee, Fill my hydration bladder with cold water grab my 25 lb RUCK and take off on a low-intensity session of 2 hours or more.

Post-exercise blood testing has revealed a mild to moderate level of ketosis without any special macronutrient planning or dietary modification!

I believe this to be a very healthy practice for recreational athletes who should be seeking long term health especially as they cross the line into the Masters category and their ability to regulate blood glucose diminishes.

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