Four Minute Abs

Typically I fall on the side of midsection work occurring indirectly from pulling and squatting heavier loads. However, there are situations which necessitate direct work. Newbies or Masters who are just learning the deadlift or squat are using broom handles or empty bars while they groove those moves, probably not enough stimulus. These four moves with ten seconds rest between positions will shore up any midline issues and might cure a janky lower back.

1:00 Plank (stability hold) Squeeze the quads and glutes. Avoid dropping the hips

1:00 Side Plank

Avoid letting the hips drop or rotating the torso. Use the back to a wall while learning. This avoids any twisting while learning the position. You will feel the tension in the obliques facing the deck. Back researcher Dr. Stewart McGill has shown that athletes holding this position greater than 45 seconds screen positive for healthy backs over 60% of the time. Right and left side. Begin on your weaker side

If you are falling out of the position more than once during the minute start with this modified side plank

1:00 Hip Bridge

Pull the heals as close as possible to the glutes to focus more on the money makers (glutes). Pick up the toes and drive the heals into the deck while elevating the hips. When you are able to draw a straight line from the chin to the knees the perfect position has been achieved. Increase the intensity by placing the ankles close together and folding the arms across the chest. Most athletes will find this to be the easiest of the four movements.

Perform this pre or post workout and do it five times per week Monday-Friday. Once the minute barrier has become pedestrian, increase the duration 30 seconds. Once you are holding all positions for three minutes you have masters the basics and can GOOGLE for move challenging versions of each position.

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