I Guarantee These Will Improve Your Health & Athletic Fitness.

I am a data-driven individual and coach. I like to see the numbers. From my perspective, quantifiable information is a no-bullshit argument. The needle moves and there is the proof. Numbers don't lie!

We live in an amazing time. The smartphone brings more quantifying power with every new model release. These phones offer applications (APPS) that can improve virtually every aspect of our lives. I want to share four applications I use every day to quantify, improve my life and performance.

Each morning upon rising I take a two minute and thirty-second snapshot of my health and readiness with the MORPHEUS APP. I have data that sets my training up for the day. Should I have a difficult developmental session planned and I am not fully ready and recovered the MORPHEUS APP adjusts my training zones to fit my current recovery status. This has also been revealing forecasting illnesses. In my opinion, HRV is the best noninvasive means of assessing health, wellness, and effectiveness of a training plan. Warning: There are a number of HRV measurement tools available for SMARTPHONE but only two others are measuring this metric accurately and sorry WHOOP is not one of them. Check out MORPHEUS

The base of my health and performance pyramid is sleep. It is the key that starts the car. Without the sleep key, nothing positive can happen. You will suffer any and everything from weight gain to stalled performance. While there are plenty of sleep measuring applications in the APP STORE they do very little in terms of improving sleep habits and rituals. RISE SCIENCE is based on 100 years of sleep research and is used by NFL, MLB, NBA, MLS, and numerous collegiate programs. The best feature is how an individual's profile can drill down to specific sleep issues such as caffeine intake, late workouts, and alcohol. I know for instance that I sleep better wearing blue light blocking amber glasses an hour before retiring. With the APP I receive a well-timed reminder to slide on my night glasses. I have also learned that my sleep sweet spot is precisely 8 hours and 15 minutes. Overtime RISE will track your sleep and daily you will discover your personalized sleep debt. Nothing tickles me more than to see a 0-5 debt rating! Check out RISE.

In 2007 I downloaded LUMOSITY. Think of LUMOSITY as your brain gym. You open the app or computer and flex your grey matter. Since that time I have played 9915 games. Each day I receive a reminder to spend 10 to 15 minutes on math, vocabulary, mental agility and decision making. LUMOSITY uses its own performance index (LPI) and I have improved mine some 620 index points. I would say that there are certainly other means of challenging your brain but LUMOSITY is a simple way to ensure daily or weekly practice routinely and it's fun! Check out LUMOSITY

Time is a critical part of effective training. Training loads and interval work: rest periods are essential to a properly designed training. There are a number of timing APPs in the APP store but nothing equals the flexibility and seriousness of SECONDSPRO. With SECONDSPRO I can custom build interval programs and progressions. The amazing part of this is the sharing feature. I can build a specific plan for a group or individual and share these via AIRDROP or Text Message. Incredible! You don't necessarily need a zillion different methods but the methods you do use need to be specific to the energy system demands of the sport and have a progression. SECONDSPRO allows for this like no other. Check out SECONDSPRO

Most of these will include a subscription fee or nominal charge. But seriously, how many more pairs of METCONS and LULU tights do you really need?

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