In early 2000, I worked with an athlete who's son was epileptic. The entire family had been going through a very difficult time at home. The prescribed treatment was largely ineffective and the side effects from the medications were almost worse than the seizures.

In the interest of helping out I suggested they look into the Ketogenic diet. Unlike 2017, there was little available to the layman beyond this book by Lyle McDonald. I purchased it for my own use and shared it along with my friend.

It was with this experience my education, implementation and coaching a ketogenic diet was launched.


Today I view the "Going Keto" to what the CrossFit conversation was in 2010-2013. If you're not talking about it you are clearly not paying attention. This trend my friends has serious legs. There are sticks of butter in coffee everywhere. But seriously, there are any number of respectable physicians and advocates promoting the practice and supplement companies are popping up with ketogenic salts and ketone esters and treats.

Here is what I've experienced personally from tinkering with the ketogenic diet and helping others navigate the particulars of practicing the lifestyle.


So why follow the Ketogenic diet?

~ Mental acuity

~ Reduction in body fat

~ Improved endurance in long duration athletic events

~ Helps to "Clean up" cellular waste

~ Has been shown to limit tumor growth

~Improvement in blood biomarkers


~It takes three weeks for most people to reach an effective ketogenic state.

~ Anti-social

~ Fragile metabolic state. You can crush 5 solid days of practice with one Friday night date

~High intensity efforts are horriblely painful if not impossible

~ Blood checks Sorry Captain Keto but if you don't measure your blood you are only on a Low Carb diet. At least one individual on a national scale has suggested that you can float back and forth and that your ketone levels are not important. This is contrary to everything I have studied. I have also varified my thoughts with another biochemist.

~Cold hands and feet


~ You can wreck thyroid function. (I personally had a false positive test for Hashimoto's disease)

~ Sex hormones are compromised

~ Sleep is compromised

~ HRV measures drop

~ A non pathological from of insulin resistance

You'll probably be better served eating a PaleoDiet platform but, if you are healthy and want to give the ketogenic diet a try have at it.

I would suggest you read up and study. This isn't a weekend event. You'll need a solid month of practice. You'll need to test your blood. I would avoid ketogenic supplements. TRUE ketosis occurs when you body is void of carbohydrates and is limited in protein sources.

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