Exponential Growth

IF your program is yielding a linear path of improvement then any NEW consideration has to net exponential growth

I have been fortunate to train and work with multiple professionals from the financial management and investment world. These folks, either directly or indirectly, take hard earned money and place it into various vehicles seeking value appreciation.

They generally spend years building models that work, otherwise, they do not last long in a highly stressful and competitive industry.

They are monitoring many variables daily and sometimes nightly to check their models and are generally bombarded with various ideas from other market makers on how to improve their models with the NEW thing in spite of the fact that their model has been steady and successful long term.

As one of my savvy financial friends said one day.

"If I am going to change my model then I need to be convinced that the change will result in exponential growth of my model’s output.”

At this point, you are probably asking what the hell this has to do with health and fitness. So here we go.

So hypothetically, I have a 50-year-old client who has:

- Been exercising 5 days per week missing only 10 sessions in 24 months.

- Hasn't had a cold in 36 months

- Has stayed at the same body weight for 10 years

- Has a body fat percentage of 15%

- Trained up to a VO2 Max of a 35-year-old

- Sports a blood profile that is the envy of his law partners young and old.

- Deadlifts his 1.75 times his bodyweight

- Sleeps 8 hours on average

- Drinks moderately

- And is from all accounts happy and content

What adjustment to my model should I make that will result in a positive exponential change? Why should I introduce a muscle up progression or a handstand push-up? Why should he stop eating breakfast because starving for 16 hours is the new thing shown to increase life in a nematode worm?

In my case, I am looking for a linear path of improvement. As an athlete, where are you sitting in twelve months from the day you begin? Like an investor, I do anticipate ticks up and tick down over time and with aging athletes a horizontal line is a win.

Are you sporting returns similar to my model?

What are the benefits of change from your own successful model?

I ask you, are you introducing changes that will net you exponential returns or are you following the herd or the latest Instagram advertisement risking a solid steady return?

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