Eat Like A Dog

Uniform Eating Could Be The Unlock To Leaning Out

Twice per day I scoop out this expensive high end dog chow for my house pets. Virtually 99% of the time they are enthusiastic about the offering which for most of us seems boring, routine or impossible.

They are fed slightly less than suggested. They also get a shot of healthy fish oil. While I wish they consumed a little slower and savored these twice daily feedings, they are lean, healthy, walk over three miles per day and play in the yard when the opportunity is presented along with naps!

In summary their routine looks like this

-Eat a protein rich breakfast



-Eat some treats

-Play or walk again

-Eat a protein rich dinner


There is uniformity to their daily intake and I contend that it is a good prescription for homo sapiens too.

-Eat a protein rich breakfast (Roughly 30% protein/40% carbohydrate/30% fat)*

-Walk, Play or workout

-Eat a protein rich lunch (Roughly 30% protein/40% carbohydrate/30% fat)*


-Eat a protein rich dinner (Roughly 30% protein/40% carbohydrate/30% fat)*


Most of us have too many options. Too many cookbooks and gadgets. Food marketers are looking to just get a share of your stomach. It's confusing and complicates decision making. Find your sweet spot for intake centered around protein and a limited number of meal options.

One meal at a time construct 2-3 options for each feeding and 80% of the time stick to these meals. Develop a uniform eating routine.

Here are two simple breakfasts for a 90kg male:

1 Cup GREEK Yogurt | 1 Cup Blueberries

1 Cup Egg Whites | 1 Whole Egg | 1 Large Fist of Spinach leaves

Do some homework. Construct a uniform eating week. Eat like a dog.

*Ectomorphs should eat slightly more carbohydrate while Endomorphs should eat slightly less.

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