Bro Diet 2.0

In my time I have either tried, followed or reviewed what feels like a hundred different diets.

It comes with the territory and since there is money to be made this will always be the case.

Following the money trail on a particular diet is a solid starting point as you are vetting these various platforms. Is the end goal to make somebody a bunch of money with powders and pills? If the answer is yes, then you are on an incorrect path.

A somewhat new and popular diet is known as THE VERTICAL DIET (TVD) developed by one of the strongest bodybuilder. His name is STAN EFFERDING.

In his own words, TVD is:

“Performance-based nutritional framework that starts with a solid foundation of highly bioavailable micronutrients which supports a structure of easily digestible macronutrients that can be adjusted specifically to meet your body’s demands.”

Stan continues to explain that TVD is a nutritional philosophy designed for high-performance athletes looking to get bigger, stronger and faster. It's not for the overweight, sedentary couch potato. The aim of “going vertical” is to improve digestive efficiency so the body maximizes its utilization of those nutrients, and it’s going to involve carbs. I can hear you KETO fans coughing from here.

Here are the green light or go to foods


Red Meat: Bison, Strip steak, Top Sirloin, Ground Sirloin, Filet Migon Venison Lamb. Ground beef is discouraged due to the randomness of the blend. If you didn't know, the FDA allows all kinds of things to be tossed into this blend. The emphasis on red meat is their superiority of nutrient density.


White Rice

MICRONUTRIENT support is provided from the following sources:

Oranges, almonds, eggs (more protein), sweet potatoes, carrots, grass fed butter, salmon, spinach, red, yellow and green peppers, greek yogurt, cranberry juice (iodine), bone broth and plenty of high quality salt.

Like most diet offerings, there are forbidden foods as well and any student of the diet game will recognize these and their deleterious impact on gut health.

Wheat (pasta, pizza, bread, etc.)

Brown rice (phytic acid)

Beans (lectins)

High raffinose vegetables (broccoli, asparagus, cauliflower)

The majority of eating is consuming red meat and rice meals. Those who wish to 'bulk' will slowly increase the volume of meat and rice meals as they transform into Coke machines with a head.

From my perspective It is possible to lean out or cut up on this platform and with the correct caloric support to maintain a lean performance physique.

Stan is a freaky strong bodybuilder and has leaned out multiple strength athletes. He’s also recently worked with a number of high-level actor/athletes, most notably Hafthor Bjornsson, you might know him as “The Mountain” on HBO’s Game of Thrones television series.

Here is the PRO argument

- Uniform eating. It narrows the choices

- Can help add muscle to the hardgainers frame

- Gut friendly for most people

- Clean eating

The CON:


-Might required a two wheeler to haul around all these meals if bulking

-Slightly Anti social

In short I am not offended by anything here. Most successful body composition athletes have arrived at personal prescription of what works for them. Usually a limited selection of meals.

Athletes who constantly struggle to get off the last 10-20 pounds are making the same mistakes over and over expecting something miraculous to happen and have five gym memberships.

You can purchase TVD on line

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