Seventy Percent of Your Max

Updated: Aug 20, 2018

I teased with a FLOW post a week ago. Where I was headed with all that is something that has been rolling around in my noggin for awhile.

I want to encourage a potentially enlightened concept about the training process. This idea is to leave each training session with a little bit left in the tank. To leave each morning, noon or night with a little left on the table. Rather than 'cashing out' on the floor exhausted and empty, to simply work in the FLOW channel seventy percent of the time.

I know that intensity training is still all the rage but at what cost? With each click up in intensity you dig deeper into your reserves. As you did deep, you increase the demand on limited resources to repair and adapt and improve.

Some people will respond favorably to a steady diet of HIIT training but most people will not. Most people need to train in a sweet spot which on average is 70-75% of their max.

When looking at Frequency, Intensity and Time. It is training FREQUENCY that will tilt the results in your favor. It is that daily, weekly, monthly routine... month upon month upon year with few interruption.

It is consistency of training sessions not thrusters or Tabata intervals that are the secret weapon.

Here are the guidelines and considerations:

1. Distribute your training intensity based on minutes. So if you truly workout 60 minutes per day six days per week you are working out 360 minutes each week.

2. Seventy percent of your minutes are at around 70-75% of max effort or 252 minutes. Since anything over a minute is supported by aerobic metabolism you will improve your base and your higher intensity efforts.

3. Around twenty percent of your effort should be at 80-90% of max effort or 72 minutes.

4. Finally you can poor 10% of your effort into 90% or greater or 36 minutes.

That seventy percent block is in the FLOW Channel. Not boring nor is it strenuous. You are in FLOW. This could be performed as steady state, SOME every minute on the minute work (EMOM), or tempo intervals.

Here is that FLOW Channel Again..Cool Stuff

A few more considerations.

-Using a ten point RPE chart is fine but to accurately monitor your effort you need a heart rate chest strap and a watch or phone application.

-De load or back off every 8 weeks. Back off your volume. Add in sleep and better nutrition.

-Use HRV to confirm you are on the right path. This is THE BEST non invasive means of determining the effectiveness of your training.

At the end of the day. Be like all great negotiators. Leave a little for next time. Leave the gym wanting more.

The secret to long term improvement is showing up everyday to punch the clock. Frequency trumps intensity.

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