Developer of M.E.B.B. Training System

Developer of the M.E.B.B. Training System - The Humble Coach Podcast
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In episode 10 I am joined by Michael Rutherford aka Coach Rut. Coach Rut has been involved in Strength & Conditioning for almost 30 Years and has worked alongside some of the best coaches in the world. He has also worked in hospital wellness environments and rehabilitation clinics. Rut holds academic degrees in biology, physical education, and exercise physiology and sports biomechanics.


He is a USAW-certified Club Coach and is a CrossFit level-3 trainer. Hailing from Kansas City, Missouri , Coach Rut could also be considered one of the original CrossFit Crew having been the 4th Official CrossFit affiliate in the worldHe developed the fantastic Max Effort Black Box training system as well as being a regular contributor to the CrossFit Journal, The Performance Menu and  Breaking Muscle.